The Benny Vaughn Athletic Therapy Center offers state of the art soft tissue therapy. It was designed to support therapeutic intervention and create a positive client experience.

Benny provides professional athletic therapy consisting of assisted stretching, soft tissue therapy and sports health assessments. In addition, his state-of-the-art recovery services can be scheduled by appointment. His innovative and creative strategies result in the very best hands-on therapy experiences for his clients.


The Normatec compression boot reduces swelling and edema by applying a gentle but steady pressure in three simple compression patterns to the lower extremities. This system is used worldwide as a rapid recovery method after your workout in all levels of sports. Whether you are a crossfitter, runner, triathlete, cyclist or weightlifter, your recovery will be enhanced.

This equipment is available for post-workout sessions on an appointment basis.


The Compex neuromuscular stimulator is a state of the art muscle stimulator used by the world’s top athletes to speed muscle recovery between intense bouts of exercise. Electrodes are placed on the skin at key muscle motor points and specific low-level electrical stimulation patterns are programmed by a handheld computer.

The Compex system is available for post-workout sessions on an appointment basis.

Intersegmental Traction Table

The Intersegmental Traction Table (IST) is a precision device designed to create gentle traction at each segment of the spine. The client lies on a comfortable padded table with knees elevated while a computer programmed roller mechanism travels up and down the spine. This creates natural movement in the spine that facilitates decompression and leads to better mobility and flexibility.

The IST table is available for use by appointment.